Huda Salha is a Palestinian Canadian artist with many years of experience in painting. She has participated in a large number of art exhibitions, regionally and internationally. Her work explores the historical, cultural and psychological sense of place. She is interested in the way identity and memory are interwoven with place through political and cultural boundaries. As a descendant of a dispossessed family, Salha’s visual narratives are informed by childhood memories, family anecdotes, and historical and geographical references. They are also inevitably larger issues that concern an entire nation sharing the same cause. 

Salha is candidate in Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design (MFA) at OCAD University. She holds a BFA Honours from York University,Toronto, a B.A. in English Literature, Gaza, in addition to two years in studio art at Athens School of Fine Arts. She worked as an art instructor, mural painter and designer. Her artworks received numerous awards, and were published in several art books, magazines and newspapers.